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Nanotechnology and nanostructure preparation


After five years of research and development activities company SPUR a.s. bringing to the market nanofibre production using own electrospinning equipment. SPUR also developed electrospinning production line for industrial preparation of nanofibres.


SPIN Line - production line for nanofiber prepartion by electrospinning

SpurTex   - multilayer filtration materials based on nanofibres


Electrospinning is a highly versatile method to process solutions or melts, mainly of polymers, into continuous fibers with diameters ranging from a fewmicrometers to a fewnanometers .
The method can be applied to synthetic and natural polymers, polymer alloys, and polymers loaded with chromophores, nanoparticles, or active agents, as well as to metals and ceramics.

The research and development team is concerned with following main topics:

• Electrospinning - versatile method to process solutions or melts, mainly of polymers

• The synthesis of optimized polymer solution for nanofibre preparation.

• Production of nanofibre formations and their application in filter media and medicine.

• Applied research and development as support of the running production.